Friday, July 31, 2009


Animating a butterfly or wings is not really hard at all; it may take some getting used to, but the method is actually simple. You will need to open Animation Shop right away from PSP so you will be prepared. Here I have a wine glass I made with an image I pasted into the glass, then put the animated wings on in AS. Later I will include a wine glass tut, but for now let's just get to the basic animation!
  1. Open your butterfly or wings in PSP; make sure this is a tube; you do not want any background on this at all; it must be on a transparent background.
  2. Right click and "Copy"
  3. Go to AS and right click and "Paste As New Animation"
  4. You now will want to add the animation to your butterfly--you only need this 1 copy to start out with in AS
  5. Got to the top and select "Effects" then "Insert Image Effects"
  6. The following is what you need to check: Anim. Frame, preview, Effect Length 0.4, Run In Reverse is UNchecked, and frames per second set to 6
  7. You will now see a drop down list of different animations to choose from. If you have PREVIEW checked you should see your butterfly
  8. From the drop down menu choose "Compress" - your preview will show the butterfly moving rather fast - we will slow the animation down here in a little bit
  9. After you have chosen "Compress" and "OK" you will now see that the 1 image you had now has 3 frames. At the bottom of the frame, take your mouse and slide the bottom scroll bar completely to the left, so you are on your first frame. *ALL ANIMATIONS WILL HAVE AT LEAST 3 FRAMES, BUT YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE FIRST FRAME TO PASTE ONTO ANOTHER IMAGE, SUCH AS THE WINE GLASS OR ANOTHER GRAPHIC YOU HAVE CHOSEN*
  10. If you wish to just save the wings as an animation by iteself, you can, but first you must slow the animation down.
  11. Go to the top and choose "Animation" then "Frame Properties"
  12. You will see the number 10 - this is the default animation number
  13. Change the 10 to a 30 - the higher the number, the slower the animation
  14. Click OK
  15. Check and view your animation to make sure it is done correctly then you can save this alone.
  16. If you wish to place the animated wings on a graphic, you will need to right click and "Copy" your graphic from PSP, then go back to AS and "Paste As New Animation"
  17. Since this is a graphic, you only have 1 copy; your animation has 3 frames, so we must make your graphic 3 frames also
  18. To do this, go to the top and select "Edit" then "Duplicate" - do this 2 times so that now you have 3 frames of the graphic the butterfly will be placed on
  19. Again, go to the bottom scroll and make sure the scroll bar is all the way to the left to the first frame
  20. Go to the top again and choose "Edit">"Select All" - this will ensure you have selected all 3 frames of your graphic
  21. Now go to "Edit">"Propogate Paste" - this will ensure you are going to paste something onto the graphic on all 3 frames
  22. Choose your wings, and while that is active (making sure you are on the first frame) select "Edit">"Select All"
  23. Go back to the top and you will see on the left side a small arrow; click on the arrow
  24. Go to your butterfly, the first frame, and drag with the arrow your butterfly to where you want it on the graphic.
  25. When you release your mouse, you should have the wings where you want it on the graphic, and no wings will be in the previous frames where they were!
  26. Now go back to "Edit" and "Select All"
  27. If you make a mistake, just click on the graphic and "undo" and "undo" the butterfly wings also; things should be where they were before you made the mistake
  28. Now that your butterfly or wings are on your graphic, you will want to "view animation" to make sure the wings ended up on all 3 frames
  29. If you have not done so yet, reset the animation to 30 as explained above.
  30. If you are happy with it, save as a GIF file
  31. You're all done!!

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